The ZP4W Cluster is a collaborative force stemming from seven sister projects funded by the European Union. Our focus? Safeguarding water sources against pollution, advancing monitoring and treatment solutions, and protecting groundwater and drinking water quality against the challenges of global and climate change.

The Challenge: Groundwater bodies face significant pressures, with quality standards exceeded in several areas. Climate change and increased water demand lead to increasing threats. Natural and human-made disasters, along with rising temperatures, create more and more risks to drinking water quality. Addressing concerns in treatment, distribution, prevention and infrastructure is essential. 

Aims: Aligned with the Zero Pollution ambition and the European Green Deal, our cluster strives to enhance water quality and shield groundwater against the impacts of climate change. Leveraging collaborative synergies, we’re forging advanced strategies and innovative solutions for these aims.

Collaborative Effort: We bring together the minds from seven influential projects: NINFA Project, ToDrinQ EU, Mar2protect, H2OforAll, SafeCREW, UpWater and IntoDBP. With case studies spanning across three continents: America, Europe and Africa, we enhance our knowledge and foster valuable new insights to accelerate the transition towards a zero-pollution future for water. Because together, we can make a difference!