Working groups

The Cluster Work is currently organised in six Working Groups covering the variety and potential of the cluster members.

  • Management and Coordination
    Responsible for the cluster’s internal and external action planning. It will prepare, validate and review the cluster’s strategy and action plan on an annual basis.
  • Communication
    It will develop and implement a comprehensive communication and outreach action plan for the ZeroPollution4Water Cluster.
  • Technology and Innovation
    This group will identify and develop innovative methods and technologies for reducing and managing water pollution.
  • Policy Advisory
    It will analyse the EU’s policy and regulatory landscape for water pollution and management and find potential for the ZeroPollution4Water Cluster.
  • Data Management and Sharing
    This group will identify and discuss existing frameworks for drinking and groundwater, and will establish links with the ICT4Water Action Group on data sharing to align common contributions to European green dataspaces.
  • From R&I to Impact
    They will facilitate the deployment of a cutting edge competitive technologies, governance models and best practices in the field of zero pollution for drinking water and groundwater.