The ZeroPollution4Water Cluster made a significant impression during its inaugural appearance at the Water Knowledge Europe event in Brussels on October 19th. Our collective ambition to protect and enhance water quality has united our 7 sister projects in a mission of critical importance.

The event marked our first milestone, bringing together a delegation of our projects to present their aims to the public. The diverse objectives and unique contributions of our sister projects within the cluster were inspiring. Exchanging our insights and expertise fueled our commitment to joint efforts and collaboration.

Our vision for a Water Smart Society demands audacious thinking. As Violeta KUZMICKAITE, Project Adviser at European Research Agency (REA), rightly emphasized: to make zero-pollution a reality in Europe, thinking BIG and BOLD is our imperative.

Thank you very much to Water Europe for organizing an event that promoted dialogue, collaboration, and set the stage for our collective journey towards a zero-pollution future for water.